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So you want to order some custom printed clothing? We can definitely help with that! Here's what we need to know. If you're interested in getting embroidery done, you can mention that in the comments box or just send us an email directly.

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Please double-check that your email address is correct. It's the only way we'll have to send your price quote to you.




What type(s) of clothing are you looking to get?

If you are interested in something not listed here, feel free to mention it in the comment section at the bottom.

Where do you want imprints?

Costs are figured based on the number of ink colors we have to print. Wording or a simple logo can be printed with a single ink color, while a photograph takes 5-6 colors to print. If you're unsure how many ink colors your design will need, just take your best guess and email us the design separately.

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How many items do you want to order?

Our pricing goes down the more items you order at once. So we need a rough idea of the total number of items you would like to get. You can combine different items as long as they print the same. That means if you want 24 t-shirts and 24 hoodies, select the "At least four dozen" option.


Is there a specific date you need them by?

Please put in the date you would need to pick them up, not the date of your event. Our turnaround time is normally around two weeks, but that often gets longer in the summer months and shorter in the winter. Jobs needed in less time may have a rush fee added or be turned down entirely. If you don't have a deadline, just leave this field blank.

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