• We can embroider using dozens of available thread colors.

  • We have many ink colors available, and can custom mix unique colors if necessary.

  • Our four embroidery machines are capable of running hundreds of stitches per minute.

  • We use a plastisol-based ink that allows for good durability over many washings.

  • Heat-applied Thermo-FILM is a great option for custom jersey names and numbers.

Screen Printing

We offer several types of garment decorating services, but our most popular is screen printing. After the design is made on the computer, the design is applied to a silkscreen. For a multi-color design, a silkscreen is made for each color, up to a maximum of six.

After the screens are made, they are lined up on the printing press and used to print the design onto the shirts. The shirts will then go through an oven to bake the ink and make the imprint permanent. Because of the length of setup time, we usually require new orders to be at least 12 shirts.

For screen printed t-shirts, prices are quoted based on the number of colors in the design, the locations that need to be printed, and the total quantity of shirts ordered.


For custom jackets, uniforms, and hats, embroidery often gives a more professional look. We can embroider into most types of fabric, including bags, backpacks, blankets, towels, etc. Feel free to stop by with an item you would like to have embroidered, and we can let you know if and how we can customize it for you.

Pricing for embroidery jobs is not based on colors, but on the complexity of the design and the total amount of stitches. We also charge a one-time digitizing fee for new artwork. This is to cover the cost of converting the design into the format our embroidery machines can read and use.

Heat-Applied Transfer

For sports teams, where every jersey needs its own name and number, we use heat-applied film. Pricing is mostly based on whether the lettering is one-color or if it has a second color for an outline.

Another option is to get heat-applied decals made and we apply them in house. This is often a more cost-effective option for multi-color designs on a small batch of items.


Looking for something other than clothing? We have accounts with several companies that make specialty items like mugs, pens, flash drives, and other promotional items. Just let us know what you're looking for and we can look into getting it for you.